Labradorite Buddha Head

SKU: 10300GP $195.95
Procrastination * Change * Light

Modern aspects representative of the Buddha focus on living a compassionate lifestyle, including having awareness of one’s thoughts and actions. Like they say, “Where there is understanding, compassion is born.” The calm and serenity of the Buddha face/head remind us that by going inward to a peaceful meditation, one may attain the “Enlightenment” and wisdom that the Buddha gained by purely human means.

Labradorite is a stone for procrastination. It stimulates intuition and helps to bring messages to the surface so they can be translated into a plan of action. It provides a boost of energy to get after what’s in front of you.

Labradorite assists in traversing change. It reinforces faith in self and helps to progress without constraint. Labradorite aids in identifying the root cause of a matter and showing the real intention behind thoughts and actions. It attracts strength and perseverance.

Known by some as the "bringer of light," Labradorite helps to shine light on knowledge and wisdom within you.

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