Black Tourmaline Bracelet

SKU: 10205JW $14.95

Protection * Grounding * Order

The price is for a single piece. These items are very similar in size and shape and are of high quality. The photos represent what you would typically receive yet each one will vary from the items pictured. We will select the item(s) for you.

Black Tourmaline provides protection from negative energies and directed ill intentions on the part of another and in environments of negative energies and/or entities. It has been used to deflect, repel, and reflect negative energies, whether directed or not.

It connects the root chakra (1st chakra) to Mother Earth. Black Tourmaline has been used to stay grounded and practical in creative pursuits, allowing a person to “keep it real” while opening their imagination.

Black Tourmaline assists in establishing order out of chaos, helping one to respond holistically and not react prematurely.

Size: Beads 0.3" - 0.4" dia

Weight: Approximately 0.9 oz

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