Danburite with Gemstone Courier

SKU: 10180GR $74.00

Relationships * Transitions * Angelic

This Danburite crystal has an unusual multi-faceted point in very good condition. The body of this crystal is beautifully clear.

This crystal comes with the gemstone courier shown in the picture. The courier is approximately 2" by 3".

Danburite is a high vibrational stone that directly connects the heart chakra with the crown chakra and the angelic realms beyond. The brightness of this stone helps to illuminate visual insight to better see and hear incoming messages. It helps one to "let their light shine."

Danburite helps facilitate deep change or transition. It aids in letting go of the past and healing old wounds enabling one to move forward. It brings patience and peace of mind to the process of change. It eases the transition for those leaving the physical world and for those dealing with a loss of a loved one.

Danburite is a stone of harmony for relationships. It helps maintain cooperative attitudes and changes those that are obstinate. It supports personal power by aiding in setting healthy boundaries with others and helps you to recognize when others are setting boundaries with you. It helps in overcoming issues due to misunderstandings.

Size: 1.43"h x 0.73"w x 0.46"d

Weight: 0.35 oz

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